August 29, 2007
 Siemens Hearing Instruments, Inc, has introduced the CIELO™ 2 Active hearing solution, a hearing instrument the company reports was engineered to serve active consumers.

 “Our goal was to create a hearing instrument that makes even the most active consumers forget that they’re wearing it,” says Dr. Thomas Powers, vice president of audiology and professional relations at Siemens Hearing Instruments.

 “CIELO 2 Active has no controls to fuss with, is small and comfortable, and stays dry and protected even during activity," Powers says, adding that hearing care professionals will appreciate how easy and fast it is to fit.”

 A Siemens news release reports the CIELO 2 Active includes Siemens proprietary AquaProtect™ technology: C-Guard™ wax protection system, GORE™ clip-on microphone cover and nanocoating – all which allow the hearing instruments to resist perspiration, moisture, humidity and ear wax. In addition, CIELO 2 Active offers 6-channel digital signal processing, speech and noise management, data logging, and an automatic and adaptive directional microphone system that improves speech understanding in noisy environments.

 “CIELO 2 Active means patients can maintain their active life without worrying about their hearing instruments – whether they’re working in their garden or out on the fairway,” Powers says.

 The Siemens release described the device as ergonomically shaped for optimum placement in the ear canal and virtually invisible when worn. The instrument is available with a wide selection of tips to fit all ear canals and is manufactured in a range of colors designed to match various hair and skin tones.

 A selection of extras for the device include an optional ePocket™ remote control that gives access to virtually all instrument functions and an easy-to-use charger that can charge both instruments at the same time. And after a 5-hour charge, the instruments are ready to wear all day and evening. CIELO 2 Active operates on regular hearing instrument batteries.

 Source: Siemens