In a recent survey sponsored by ReSound, 92.9% of the audiologists and dispensers who responded said that the ClearPath iPad app helps them improve their patient counseling sessions and sell more hearing aids.

ClearPath, released at AudiologyNow! 2012, is designed to help audiologists during the patient counseling process, specifically in justifying an investment in top-level technology.

"We frequently spend time talking to dispensers about the kinds of challenges they face when recommending hearing instruments to their patients," said Mary Rapaport, director of product marketing, ReSound. "They are looking for better ways to connect the value of top level technology with the hearing priorities of the patient. Our customers don’t want patients to see them as a salesperson trying to push top end technology. Sometimes, even when the hearing care professional believes that the highest level of technology is the best solution, they are not always comfortable asking the patient for the additional investment because it’s difficult to clearly explain the product features that are in the premium product."

One customer told ReSound in the survey, “The benefit of ClearPath is that it provides more of a scientific formula as to which level of technology is best for the patient. I believe that some patients just have a need for proof of what technology they need, rather than just taking my word for it.”

When asked about the specific features of ClearPath that they found valuable, dispenser survey respondents said:

  • Product specific counseling is easier to use than explaining verbally or via brochure
  • Being able to send a recap of the discussion rather than providing an audiogram
  • Being able to show the patient different scenarios at different hearing loss levels
  • Assessment questions help patients to think about what is most important to them
  • The HL simulator is a great tool for family members
  • Being able to look up technical data and specs quickly

The ClearPath iPad application is available for free in the iTunes App Store.