Announced at the AAA 2012 show in Boston, ReSound has launched ReSound Vea, a new line of hearing aids for budget conscious consumers.

ReSound Vea includes Warp processing and Dual Stabilizer II DFS for improved sound quality. Adaptive directionality, wind noise reduction, and ReSound’s Noise Tracker II technology are designed to improve the patient’s hearing in noise. The advanced features are based on ReSound’s Range chip.

Vea also offers fitting flexibility that allows hearing health professionals to customize the gain in the hearing instrument to the patient’s individual hearing loss. Additionally, Vea is treated with iSolate nanotech for durability and protection against moisture, sweat, and cerumen.

"At the end of the day, someone buying ReSound Vea is looking for a reliable hearing aid that delivers speech understanding in dynamic listening environments, without feedback and at a decent price," commented Jennifer Carlson, commercial product manager, in the press release.