Phonak, a global provider of hearing solutions, unveils Audéo Life, the “world’s first rechargeable hearing aid that is waterproof*, shower-proof, and sweat-proof.” Audéo Life is the latest addition to the company’s Paradise line of hearing aid technology, now the “best-selling platform in Phonak history,**” according to the company’s announcement.

Paradise is said to deliver “crisp, natural sound in any environment for excellent sound quality.” On the inside, Audéo Life hearing aids are powered by Paradise technology including universal connectivity with multiple active Bluetooth  connections for hands-free conversations, Tap Control for access to voice assistants, and more. Audéo Life hearing aids are designed to be more durable thanks to a Parylene coating, which acts as a sealant. 

Paradise Reinvented

Audéo Life hearing aids feature a unique housing and special coating that fully seals the device, according to Phonak. In addition, they are the “first Phonak hearing aids designed with a new induction charger called the Phonak Charger Case Go.” When a consumer places their Audéo Life hearing aids into the new charger case, the hearing aids are magnetically held into place for charging at home and on the go. 

Continuing to meet consumer needs

By expanding and augmenting Paradise technology with Audéo Life, Phonak aims to boost consumer confidence in both the purchase of and adoption of hearing aids. Research shows that Audéo Life would motivate one in five people with untreated hearing loss to obtain their first pair of hearing aids1. Audéo Life hearing aids may also help reduce the anxiety associated with wearing hearing aids around water or during physical activities1

Phonak Audéo Life hearing aids are available to order now via licensed hearing care professionals in the US. 


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* Up to 50cm

**Compared to Marvel, Belong, Venture, and Quest in first 12 months

Bluetooth word mark is a registered trademark owned by Bluetooth SIG, Inc and any use of such mark by Sonova AG is under license.

Source: Phonak

Images: Phonak