InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc (OTCQB: INND)—a company that provides marketing and advertising services for the retail hearing aid dispensing community—announced a successful launch, as part of the website, a Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) e-commerce store for its Personal Sound Amplification Products (PSAPs) and its Hearable/Wearable hearing products. InnerScope continues to expand infrastructure and growth capabilities within its new e-commerce platform, according to the company.

InnerScope Hearing Technologies’ DTC e-commerce store launched with two ear-level PSAP products. In addition, the store also offers two Hearable/Wearable PSAP products that are designed to make it easier to understand conversation in a variety of situations and difficult listening environments. According to InnerScope, the Hearable/Wearable products have Bluetooth functionality and are adjustable for more advanced hearing features, like being used in conjunction with the app for Android or utilizing streaming capabilities for music/movies.

“We were very excited and thrilled when we went live with our e-commerce DTC Store,” said Matthew Moore, president of InnerScope Hearing Technologies. “Building an e-commerce platform is part of the company’s vision for our strategic expansion and a key component to create a continuous ‘Revenue Ecosystem.’ This revenue-driven strategy and innovation allows us to stay competitive in this era of digital transformation by capturing the customer’s hearing needs and experiences at every stage of their journey to find a solution to help them hear better.

“The PSAP and Hearables/Wearable technology products that we are offering through our DTC e-commerce Store are fast becoming an alternative hearing solution over the high cost and inconvenience of hearing aids. It is estimated that approximately 1.2 billion people are suffering with a 25 dB or greater hearing loss that would cause them to consider using PSAPs and/or Hearables for helping with their hearing needs,” said Moore.

Source: InnerScope Hearing Technologies