Schaumburg, Ill — Otometrics has officially released the AURICAL audiometric fitting solution in the United States. The company reports that it’s the world’s only complete, modular fitting solution.

Launched at the 2011 AudiologyNOW! show in Chicago, AURICAL has been available in Europe since May 2011.

“The feedback has been amazing,” stated Peter Kossek, business manager at Otometrics, in the press announcement. “We are delighted to finally have it ready for the US market.”

When Otometrics initiated the project some years ago, the company said that its core vision was to develop a “fitting friend” that would give flexibility and built-in easy to use tools for hearing health professionals.

A result of that goal is AURICAL’s FreeFit probe microphone measurements unit, which has binaural capabilities and pre-defined measurement sequences.

Mona Dworsack, senior product manager at Otometrics, commented in the announcement, “The smartness of hearing aids is fantastic, but when programmed, chances are that the professional is fitting to an average ear and not the client’s own ear. So, fitting those advanced hearing aids using probe microphone measurements can make them even more fantastic. Accurate fittings ultimately result in fewer returns. The FreeFit PMM unit is both accurate and easy to obtain, which is one more way the new AURICAL helps address the problem of untreated hearing loss.”

More information about the new AURICAL can be found at or you can see it live at the AAO show, or at IHS, or at the ADA convention this fall.

SOURCE: Otometrics