Nowadays, people can purchase hearing aids on their own without visiting a hearing care practice for prescription devices. But even for over-the-counter hearing aids, hearing care professionals can still be a part of the process. This includes offering programming, in the case of models from Sennheiser Hearing. 

To discuss this and more, The Hearing Review’s chief editor, Melanie Hamilton-Basich, sat down with Jessica Dancis, senior marketing manager at Sonova. She manages the Sennheiser Hearing portfolio, an innovative line-up of early-entry devices. Jessica is an experienced clinical audiologist. She has more than 16 years of experience in various roles at Sonova, including her previous role as National Key Account Manager. Jessica is passionate about audiology and a fervent proponent of HCPs. She enjoys making a difference in the lives of people by giving them access to technology that allows them to hear the world.  

Here, Jessica answers questions about Sennheiser Hearing’s early-entry hearing device offerings and where they fit in a hearing care professional’s practice. 

Who is Sennheiser Hearing?

Sennheiser is a renowned, global leader known for its high-quality professional audio technology. From microphone systems to headphones, Sennheiser has been a go-to brand for superior sound quality around the world. Sonova’s new consumer hearing business was formed with the acquisition of Sennheiser’s consumer division, thus combining Sonova’s technology leadership in innovation with the expertise and reputation of Sennheiser in the world of sound. Sennheiser Hearing’s solutions empower hearing care professionals with a portfolio of early-entry, ready-to-wear solutions that broaden your care to become a more comprehensive hearing healthcare provider, creating new opportunities and building new revenue streams. 

Sennheiser Hearing ConC 400
Sennheiser Hearing ConC 400 situational hearing device. Photo: Sennheiser Hearing

What types of hearing care devices does Sennheiser offer?

Sennheiser Hearing’s portfolio includes OTC hearing aids and situational solutions. All-Day Clear OTC hearing aids are self-fitting and designed for all-day wear. The ConC 400 and TVS 200 are true wireless hearing devices that enhance speech intelligibility, and enable greater enjoyment in noisy environments such as restaurants and when watching television. Sennheiser Hearing Solutions fills the gap in hearing care for those who don’t need or are not ready for prescription hearing aids.

Why are Sonova and Sennheiser offering these early-entry devices?

We view early-entry solutions as a way of improving consumer access to hearing care, particularly in the early stages of the hearing journey. We believe that hearing care professionals (HCPs) will remain central to the hearing care market and many people with hearing difficulties will continue to seek that incredibly helpful support. With our new Sennheiser Hearing Portfolio, we provide products and services for HCPs to participate in new opportunities and to deliver their services to as many consumers as possible.

Why is it important for HCPs to offer Sennheiser’s early-entry solutions in their practice?

Only 10% of people with mild hearing loss use amplification. That leaves 90% of those with mild hearing loss without a solution to their needs. In addition, there are 26 million Americans with normal thresholds who struggle with hearing difficulties. Early-entry hearing devices are tailored for those who don’t need or aren’t ready for prescription hearing aids. Offering Sennheiser’s early-entry solutions in your practice broadens your care options, allowing you to become a comprehensive, patient-centric, hearing healthcare provider and ultimately, create life-long customers.

What are the benefits for a practice offering OTC and situational solutions?

Promoting Sennheiser’s OTC and situational solutions can effectively reach people earlier in their journey toward better hearing. Sennheiser Hearing products provide a solution for those who may not require or desire a prescription product or service. Leveraging Sennheiser’s products can help decrease your tested-not-sold (TNS) rate, address situational needs, serve as a backup hearing aid set, and present unique gifting opportunities.

Can you tell me about your OTC hearing aids? 

Sennheiser All-Day Clear are FDA cleared as self-fitting OTC hearing aids. All-Day Clear comes in two sleek and stylish RIC options, with an out-of-the-box fit for various ear shapes and sizes. Designed for all-day wear and powered by Sonova technology with MFA Wireless connectivity, All-Day Clear hearing aids are unique Sennheiser solutions that deliver exceptional hearing aid performance. They are self-fitting and ready-to-wear, with the option for professional support and programming.  

Sennheiser Hearing All-Day Clear OTC hearing aid in the slim model
Sennheiser Hearing All-Day Clear OTC hearing aid in the slim model. Photo: Sennheiser Hearing

What is the All-Day Clear sound profile by Sennheiser and how do the self-fitting hearing aid settings work to help offset the user’s hearing loss?

The All-Day Clear product line includes the sound profile self-fitting process, which is different from other OTCs and prescription hearing aids. We didn’t want to replace the HCP and the audiogram. Our unique approach focuses on easy adoption and first-time hearing aid user success with All-Day Clear by matching the user’s gain and sound preferences. After treating millions of people, Sonova understands the needs of mild-to-moderate hearing losses and preferences of first-time users, and created 7 processing configurations. Users choose the processing that sounds clear and comfortable to them. All-Day Clear delivers a quick 2-minute self-fitting that’s easy, and successful, and ensures that you as an HCP can add value with pure-tone testing, programming to prescriptive targets, and fine-tuning customization. 

What is the In-Clinic Care Package and how does it help? 

All-Day Clear is the only OTC hearing aid that can be programmed by HCPs, like a prescription hearing aid. Our in-clinic care package gives consumers the option of purchasing professional support when they need it. It presents an opportunity for HCPs to build new customer relationships, regardless of where the hearing customer is in their journey. From purchase to follow-up services, there are many ways for HCPs to utilize the Sennheiser In-Clinic Care Package to create additional revenue streams. Plus, as the users’ hearing loss progresses, the opportunity to create a life-long customer needing more advanced solutions including diagnostic and future hearing aid purchases begins with Sennheiser All-Day Clear products. 

Can you tell me about the brand’s situational solutions?

Sennheiser Hearing’s true wireless hearing devices address the two most common challenging hearing situations: conversations in noisy environments and TV watching. Choose the ConC 400 for enhanced speech intelligibility and to lessen background noise with Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). The ConC 400 enables greater enjoyment in those loud and noisy environments including restaurants and sporting events. Pick the TVS 200 for crystal-clear TV and streaming sound from media devices. This product is especially helpful for places like family rooms or bedrooms where multiple people are enjoying a television program. Wearers of the TVS 200 benefit from a cable-free fit, wireless charging and personalization of listening levels. With 20 dB of maximum gain, Sennheiser Hearing’s solutions offer enhanced dialogue and clarity during common situational challenges.

How can HCPs learn more about Sennheiser Hearing?

Contact Sennheiser Hearing Support at [email protected] or 1-866-435-5646 to learn more and take advantage of our promotional offer. You will be matched with a dedicated HCP representative who can walk you through all the new Sennheiser offerings, helping you expand your care, grow your business, and increase your profits.


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