March 11, 2008

The 2008 International Conference on Cell Replacement in the Inner Ear, scheduled for June 12 through 15 in Bethesda, Md, will serve as a forum to stimulate research in regeneration biology of the cochlea, vestibule, and primary neural pathways. Conference attendees will be exposed to the latest advances in regeneration research methods, both in the ear and in other systems, by investigators  from around the world.

All potential methods to restore function will be discussed including spontaneous and induced regeneration, genetic modification, stem cells, viral vectors, growth factors and delivery systems. The conference content and organization reflects the commitment of the Deafness Research Foundation to accelerate progress in biologic methods to hasten the eventual development of treatments that may reverse the effects of damage and disease in the inner ear. The conference is open to all interested scientists, clinicians, and students.

In addition to the DRF, the conference is sponsored by the NIDCD and the University of Washington.

Visit  to see the full conference program, speakers, and to register online or submit an abstract submission. Online registration is available at until May 30.

Source: Deafness Research Foundation