Open fittings are becoming increasingly popular due to the key advantages that they have over conventional hearing instrument solutions. In addition to comfort, occlusion is eliminated and a more natural sound experience results from a standard open fitting with a mini-tube. However, open fittings have had one significant limitation: They could only be used to treat one type of hearing loss—until now.

Hansaton has introduced Leo­nardo Natural, bringing cutting-edge receiver-in-the-ear technology to its award-winning 16-channel hearing instrument. Leonardo Natural allows you to combine the great advantages of a truly open fitting with the ability to treat a wide range of hearing loss, without sacrificing any of the high-end features you are accustomed to from Hansaton’s Leonardo instruments.

Leonardo Natural’s receiver-in-the-ear technology accomplishes more than just increased gain in the lower frequencies for open fittings. It also eliminates negative acoustic phenomena like resonance, variations in impedance, and limitations to high-frequency output that occur with a standard open-fitting minitube. The result is a broadband signal that will treat mild to moderately severe hearing loss across the entire frequency spectrum.

While there are other products that offer a receiver-in-the-ear solution, Leonardo Natural offers a truly open fitting by securing the receiver in the ear canal with the aid of a stabilizer, instead of utilizing an ear olive or umbrella. The lead wires and the stabilizer are covered with a special plastic that maximizes comfort and ensures the best possible fit. Leonardo Natural’s receivers come in three different lengths to allow you to consider the depth of the ear canal and hearing loss when positioning the receiver for each individual patient.

The receiver also features a 3-step wax and moisture protection system. The first step is the exchangeable, dome-shaped wax guard, followed by the Cerumen Accumulation Area (CAA) which prevents wax from entering the receiver.  Finally, a sieve-style barrier offers a third level of protection against wax and moisture.

Hansaton’s Leonardo Natural is the solution for treating complex hearing losses with an open fitting and the benefits of adaptive directionality.

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