High-Output Receivers
Knowles Electronics, Itasca, Ill, announces the expansion of its family of Pantograph high-output receivers by offering the PHF+, an increased high-frequency output version of the PHF receiver. The new designs offer additional output in the critical 2 kHz to 6 kHz range under both nominal drive (low-power levels) and maximum power output level conditions. Used in today’s modern hearing aids, the PHF+ can help provide additional sound quality and speech clarity for patients with high-frequency hearing loss. The PHF+ also provides for increased output for patients with moderate to severe losses that require significant acoustic gain. The PHF+ receiver uses Knowles’ patented Pantograph drive linkage to minimize receiver vibration while emphasizing high-frequency output. Combined with Knowles’ high-output armature geometry, the PHF+ provides increased acoustic output and maximizes gain-before-feedback in BTE and power ITE hearing instruments. (630) 250-5100; www.knowleselectronics.com.