Bloomington, Minn  ReSound has announced the release of a new proprietary Remote Microphone Technology that enhances natural directivity, spatial awareness, and wind noise performance in hearing aids.

The Remote Microphone Technology uses a thin tube to connect the hearing aid to a microphone that is tucked into the concha cymba area of the external ear. The remote microphone utilizes the natural effects of the pinna, as they relate to directivity, high frequency amplification, and wind noise reduction. The body of the hearing aid is placed in the ear canal to create device retention and cosmetic appeal.

The placement of the microphone in the concha cymba not only hides it from view, but also improves acoustic performance due to pinna effects.

Remote Microphone Technology takes advantage of the pinna effect to preserve natural localization (including front-back localization performance) and directional cues.

ReSound is positioning the new hearing aid design as an attractive alternative for hearing aid users who have an aversion to behind-the-ear (BTE) instruments.

SOURCE: ReSound Inc