Stäfa, Switzerland — Phonak has reportedly introduced the worldwide first high-tech ceramic housing for its Audéo S SMART BTE hearing aid. The slightly greater weight supports the “added value feel” of these new deep black hearing aids compared to polymer housings.

Phonak designed the ceramic housing based on the high-end quality appeal associated with hightech ceramics. For example, high tech ceramics are being used in the luxury goods industry as well as in aerospace applications. Hightech ceramic properties include extreme hardness, high mechanical strength, excellent biocompatibility, esthetic appeal, and thermal shock resistance.

As a result, the new Audéo S SMART ceramic housing is extremely durable and has an abrasion-resistant surface, ensuring a lasting scratch-free shine that lasts. The polished finish also makes the housing smooth to the touch, offering more comfort when worn behind the ear.

Another feature of the ceramic material is its ability to quickly reach and maintain body temperature, thus preventing perspiration behind the ear. It also has hypoallergenic properties to help those with sensitive skin. Any lotion, sweat, or other daily influences will not alter these qualities.

SOURCE: Phonak