Bloomington, Minn — ReSound has released new feature extensions to its wireless hearing aid, Alera. The Alera is now available as a configurable BTE and with remote microphone technology enhancements.

Alera’s new remote microphone model takes advantage of natural directivity afforded by the pinna and external ear. The remote microphone is placed in the concha, allowing sound to move naturally through the folds and whorls of the ear. As a result, the user can more easily locate sounds that come from behind and identify the source of the sound.

The remote microphone also provides significant wind noise reduction benefits. Thus, the enhancement allows the natural ear to collect, direct, and amplify sound waves, providing improved capabilities for speech recognition.

The second extension announced by ReSound is the new configurable Alera BTE, which provides both a standard and a high power hearing instrument in one product. ReSound stated in its press release that it is the only standard BTE that can easily be converted to a very small high power instrument, with one housing for both options.

Both of Alera’s new models also include wireless connectivity to televisions, stereos, and telephones.