Lafayette, Ind – A recent $4,000 grant from the Audiology Foundation of America (AFA) will assist the National Association of Future Doctors of Audiology (NAFDA) with ongoing chapter development and growth. The grant is intended to help new, lapsed and struggling chapters with registration fees, as well as support continued development of the national organization.

NAFDA currently has 42 chapters in AuD programs across the nation, and operates via an extensive student network including an executive board, a board of directors and national representatives.

“The AFA supports NAFDA because its mission and vision dovetail perfectly with ours,” said AFA Executive Director Susan Paarlberg. “It is so important to have an independent, ground roots student organization like NAFDA because it encourages AuD students to step up their involvement in their profession and recognizes that their voices need to be heard and are respected. The AFA’s donation will allow NAFDA to develop new chapters and increase their membership numbers exponentially.”

The AFA is an educational foundation whose mission is to empower audiologists to be independent and autonomous practitioners by supporting their educational preparation, professional practice and leadership development.

Source: Audiology Foundation of America