Unitron, a Canadian hearing aid manufacturer, announced that it has won the “Red Dot: Product Design 2020” award for its Moxi Jump R hearing aids. The Moxi Jump R helps provide hearing aid wearers with “easy-to-use technology that automatically adapts to a user’s listening environment.”

The Red Dot Award, which dates to 1955, celebrates “excellence in product design.” This marks the sixth time Unitron has received the Red Dot Award for its inventive hearing instruments. 

“To be recognized with this award from a pool of incredible designs is a tremendous honor,” says Sandra Fulton, Unitron Vice President of Global Marketing. “It clearly demonstrates our global leadership in hearing instrument design from the engineering and optimization of features and performance to the final product.”

Launched in 2019, the sound processing system in the Moxi Jump R uses machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence, to “automatically recognize, classify, and adjust sounds based on the user’s listening environments.” This includes seven different listening environments that span quiet, conversation in quiet, conversation in noise, and music. 

The Moxi Jump R also helps allow users to connect to Apple and Android devices and participate in hands-free phone calls, video calls, and media streaming to both ears. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 24 hours of amplification, or 16 hours of amplification with 8 hours of media streaming. 

“Our user-centric design philosophy is based on the premise that our technology should be easy-to-use and provide optimal sound performance to allow people overcoming hearing loss to reconnect with their lives, their loved ones, and everything in between,” said Banham. “The Moxi Jump R makes this possible, combining aesthetics, comfort, and intuitive functionality into one cutting-edge device.”

The Moxi Jump R can be controlled through the Remote Plus app, which allows hearing aid wearers to control volume, adjust balance, and share real-time impressions of their hearing instruments using their smartphones, according to the company. The app also helps enable clients to connect with their hearing care professionals via cloud technology. The Coach feature on the Remote Plus app sends users notifications for when to charge their batteries, clean their devices, usage details, and much more. 

“As we shift to a more technologically-savvy consumer base, our products have to provide users with a range of functionality while optimizing sound performance and user experience. The Red Dot award is further recognition that Unitron is leading the way in the hearing health space,” said Banham. 

The international Red Dot jury is made up of 40 independent design experts, educators, and industry journalists who review thousands of submissions annually from manufacturers and product designers around the world. Products are evaluated based on quality, performance, degree of innovation, and ecological compatibility.

Award winners will be celebrated at the annual Red Dot award gala, which takes place in the Aalto Theater in Essen, Germany.

Source: Unitron