March 3, 2008


STAFA, Switzerland — The quarterly magazine Hear the World, part of a global hearing-awareness initiative sponsored by Phonak, features award-winning musician, Annie Lennox, on the cover of its latest issue, making her the newest ambassador for the Hear the World initiative. Lennox was photographed by musician and photographer Bryan Adams to help raise awareness about the issue of hearing loss.

"I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without the facility to hear," says Lennox. "All my creative expression has been focused around it. It’s such a precious gift and not to be taken for granted."

Also featured in the recent issue of Hear the World is actress and musician Lindsay Lohan. In support of the initiative, Lohan was photographed by Adams as well.

Hear the World magazine utilizes a culture and lifestyle platform to address the topic of hearing. Always linking content to the topic of hearing and sound, the magazine’s features focus on a broad range of topics, including music, art, nature, and everything else that contributes to the beauty of life. The magazine also informs readers about the global Hear the World Foundation, which is dedicated to educating the public about the issue of hearing loss and providing support to those with hearing loss.

Adams is the official photographer of Hear the World and has photographed Placido Domingo, Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Harry Belafonte, Bobby McFerrin, Common and Moby, among others for past issues. Each individual is photographed with his or her hand behind the ear to convey an attempt to listen, to hear consciously.

“I’m interested in the goals that Hear the World is trying to achieve,” says Adams. “As a musician, I’m naturally sympathetic to a cause dedicated to help people appreciate and preserve an individual’s sense of sound.”

Hear the World magazine is available at select newsstands and hotels and at airports internationally. It is published on a quarterly basis and costs $8 per issue. The magazine is supported by the global Hear the World initiative, which is dedicated to raising awareness for the topic of hearing. A free copy can be ordered at Net proceeds of the magazine benefit the Hear the World Foundation.

Hear the World wins International Sponsoring Award. The Hear the World global initiative was also named the winner of the International Sponsoring Award 2007 in the innovation category.

The awards ceremony took place January 15 on the occasion of the convention of the sponsoring trade union FASPO in Hamburg, Germany. A high-profile jury of experts from economics and science reportedly rated concepts from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland on their creative implementation, planning and realization. “A coherent concept against stigmatism due to hearing instruments, with an innovative approach and credible testimonials,” was the jury’s assessment.

“With Hear the World, we are addressing all age groups with the topic of hearing—as hearing affects everyone,” says Vanessa Erhard Blattmann, who is responsible for Hear the World at Phonak. “Unfortunately, hearing loss is often only taken seriously when damage has already been done. Hear the World helps to create and promote awareness for the topic of hearing.”

SOURCE: Phonak