Beltone has announced the launch of Beltone Ally, a line of hearing aids that use 2.4 GHz direct wireless technology and advanced sound processing features. According to Beltone, the full product line offers a selection of hearing aid models that can fit more than 90% of all patients with hearing loss, ranging from mild to severe.

“Beltone Ally is the ideal choice for patients seeking an advanced, yet simple solution offering natural and easy hearing,” said John Cariola, AuD, director of product management at Beltone. “Combine this with Beltone’s wide variety of models for a solution that will suit most patients.”

Beltone reports that Ally’s directionality features, such as Speech Spotter, allow the hearing aids to switch automatically to where the sounds are coming from, so patients can hear speech better. The Wind Noise Reduction and Sound Cleaner features make following conversations outdoors or in a busy restaurant easy for wearers, filtering out any uncomfortable noise. According to the company, patients who use Beltone Ally can experience relief from tinnitus discomfort with activation of the built-in Tinnitus Breaker Pro sound generator.

Ally is said to be compatible with all of Beltone’s 2.4 GHz wireless accessories, making it possible for patients to hear their TV, radio and phone directly in their hearing aids, without the use of a relay device or adaptor around their necks. Additionally, Beltone Ally has improved durability through HPF80 NanoBlock coating, which blocks moisture and dirt.

For more information on Beltone Ally, visit the Beltone website.

Source: Beltone