QCY, a Bluetooth headset manufactured by the China-based Dongguan Hele Electronics Co, will join the award-winning Clementine Wear platform, CEO of Samplified Audio, Mark Kaal, announced at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. Clementine Wear is the winner of the US National Science Foundation’s Hearables Challenge.

According to the announcement, QCY and Samplified have been working on the first product design, which will be released to the market in 2018. Products with Clementine Wear Inside are designed for users interested in or in need of listening to personalized audio, according to Samplified Audio. The products are supported by the Clementine Wear app, available for iOS and Android phones.

Both parties further announced that they have started to explore opportunities to distribute QCY products with Clementine Wear Inside in QCY’s home market in China.

The Clementine Wear Audio Platform is open to manufacturers of audio or hearing products and is designed to offer personalized audio that can be used in hearables and audio wearables that are sold over the counter or serviced via healthcare professionals.

Samplified Audio has been selected to represent the very best of Dutch Tech at the Holland Pavilion at CES 2018, Eureka Park, led by the Dutch Special Start Up Envoy HRH Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands.

Source: Samplified Audio, Dongguan Hele Electronics Co

Image: Samplified Audio, Dongguan Hele Electronics Co