Beltone, Chicago, has launched Beltone Trust™, which is designed to offer unprecedented sound quality and the ability to connect with their hearing care professional outside regularly scheduled appointments, the company announced. As Beltone’s fifth-generation 2.4 GHz wireless solution, Beltone Trust™ reportedly propels the company’s position as the leader in hearing aids for the past 77 years into the future.

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Beltone’s all-inclusive hearing care program connects hearing aids, all wireless accessories, and smartphone apps to enable people with hearing loss to live life, and hear life, to the fullest, the company reports. The new Beltone Trust™ features unmatched sound technologies, more convenient fitting software, and new remote fine-tuning, reportedly making it the most advanced and flexible hearing aid experience available today.

These breakthroughs in hearing care are developed with the latest audiological insights and advancements in technology to bring more convenience and efficiency than hearing aid users and professionals ever thought possible.

Unparalleled Sound Quality

With Beltone’s 5th generation 2.4 GHz wireless technology and 3rd generation CrossLink Directionality, hearing aid users will experience exceptional sound quality and hear more than ever before, the company says. Beltone Trust™ reportedly delivers clear, natural sound, excellent speech understanding, and the best sense of where sounds are coming from. Users are said to benefit from 360° audibility and awareness in quiet and speech-only situations, improved hearing in noisy environments, and optimized audibility of surrounding sounds.

Remote Care™: Ground-Breaking Customer Service

Beltone is bringing remote fine-tuning capabilities to the hearing industry for the first time, allowing hearing care professionals to address a wearer’s needs from anywhere around the world. The new Beltone Trust™ hearing aids enable wearers to achieve optimal hearing through a new two-way, fine-tuning process called Remote Care™, which incorporates real world input from wearers via the cloud without having to schedule and travel to an appointment.

The unique cloud integration enables hearing care professionals to connect with wearers no matter where they are. Wearers will be able to share feedback about difficulty hearing in the moment via the Beltone HearMax™ app, rather than trying to remember how to describe issues later during an adjustment visit. Hearing care professionals will also have the freedom to offer follow-up services remotely, saving time for both professionals and users, and creating opportunities for even higher user satisfaction.

Solus Max™ Fitting Software

To support hearing professionals in fitting wearers with Beltone Trust™ hearing aids, Beltone introduces the new Solus Max™ software, which is said to be a powerful fitting tool with a redesigned look and feel. Access to patient information and navigation is faster and easier, leading to better customer satisfaction. With enhanced processing and a comprehensive, easy-to-use portfolio of features that deliver a more comfortable fitting experience for wearers, Solus Max™ is a complete fitting system.

BelCare™: A Lifetime of Care and Protection

Central to Beltone’s customer journey is BelCare™, a program of ongoing care and protection that covers users for the life of their hearing aids. Reportedly one of the most comprehensive hearing care programs available, the company reports that BelCare™ ensures hearing aid users are taken care of from the first screening, through all the years they own their Beltone hearing aids.

While most competitors charge for services like cleaning devices, making adjustments, and scheduling follow-up appointments, Beltone is able to offer this type of coverage for free for the life of the hearing aids.

Safe and Sound Campaign

In conjunction with the launch of Beltone Trust™, Beltone is introducing “Safe and Sound,” a campaign focused on educating consumers about the dangers of hearing loss and the benefits of early treatment and prevention. The “Safe and Sound” initiative features everyday community heroes who struggled with their own hearing loss—hearing loss that threatened to irreparably interrupt every facet of their professional and personal lives. But by devoting time and energy into their hearing health, they were able to once again live life to the fullest. The campaign features individuals who are advocates for hearing loss education and eliminating the stigma of hearing loss.

“We are thrilled to introduce our newest technology—Beltone Trust—to our ever-evolving customers,” said Corrine Perritano, president of Beltone North America. “With its unrivaled sound quality, convenient fitting software, and groundbreaking Remote Care functionality, we’re proud to offer today’s users hearing care wherever they are. And as an added benefit, we are empowering our Beltone hearing care professionals to deliver a whole new level of personalized hearing care and service in a way that is simple and convenient for our customers.”

Source: Beltone