Beltone has announced the addition of the Beltone Promise 85DLW™ to its Beltone Promise hearing aid Beltone PromiseBTE 85 opt line. The 85DLW was specifically designed to meet the needs of patients who require monitoring when wearing their hearing aids.

It features an LED Notification Light to alert caregivers that a hearing aid may need to be adjusted, making it easier for the caretaker to accurately monitor and respond to the hearing aid wearer’s needs.

The LED Notification Light, located below the push-button, can be programmed to visually indicate the following:

  • What program is active
  • Volume control changes
  • Whether wireless streaming is active
  • If the maximum volume is reached
  • If wireless Flight Mode is active
  • Low-battery status.

The Beltone Promise 85DLW also features a battery-door lock system to prevent the patient from removing the battery.

The 85DLW also comes standard with Beltone’s 2.4GHz wireless technology.

SOURCE: Beltone