Hansaton, Plymouth, Minn, has announced the launch of ease, a new chip generation platform for hearing systems that includes a combination of functions designed to allow wearers to enjoy surround sound and clear speech, regardless of the location or environmental situation. With the launch of ease, Hansaton has also launched a redesign of its fitting software, Hansaton Scout, which features a more modern design and intuitive controls. According to Hansaton, Scout includes functions like the BalanceFit fitting formula and the AutoSurround automatic program, which provide a variety of options for programming.

Hansaton reports that the redesigned software results in a high initial acceptance rate among patients. It combines NAL-NL2 based precalculation with subsequent acclimatization, which is automatically preset but also allows highly individualized configuration if necessary. Hansaton says these features work together to create a natural hearing experience.

Autosurround is one of the core functions of the new ease platform, according to the company. Its integrated primary functions, SpeechBeam+ and SurroundOptimizer+, are said to be in a constant state of intelligent exchange to ensure good binaural signal processing. This means that, regardless of the situation, AutoSurround identifies the circumstances and automatically adjusts the settings without manual switching. The SurroundOptimizer+ feature is intended to allow optimum control of the individual amplification parameters and combines multiple features into one control. The features consist of ConversationLift+ to help provide appropriate speech enhancement; NoiseReduction to minimize disruptive background noise; and a SpeechBeam+ microphone controller to help focus on the correct speaker.

“Now nothing can stand in the way of users having an active hearing experience in any life situation!” said Bob Eastman, president at Hansaton.

In addition to ease, Hansaton is launching a new generation of hearing instruments: Sound, Beat and Jam. For more information about this new trio of hearing systems, and about the new ease surround sound platform, visit the Hansaton website.

Source: Hansaton