Advanced Bionics (AB)—a subsidiary of Sonova that develops hearing solutions for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss—announced TÜV approval of the HiFocus™ SlimJ electrode. TÜV  is a Germany-based technical product certification organization. Built on the HiFocus™ platform and developed with numerous surgeons from around the globe, the new SlimJ electrode features a thin, straight design for easy insertion through the round window or cochleostomy, according to AB. The AB engineering team designed the electrode around the key goal of protecting the delicate structures of the cochlea during electrode insertion. The HiFocus SlimJ electrode, alongside the HiFocus Mid-Scala electrode, provides the surgeon with a choice of electrodes.

Developed with cochlear implant surgeons, the HiFocus SlimJ electrode offers several high-performance features designed to suit individual patient anatomy and surgical preferences for the best possible hearing outcomes.

“The HiFocus SlimJ electrode addresses the surgeon’s need for an alternate type of electrode whilst still offering full spectrum coverage and maintaining the performance potential of the individual,” said Mark Downing, director of medical marketing and product management at AB. “And surgeons have commented that it is easy to handle and to insert,” he said.

The HiFocus SlimJ electrode is available on the HiRes™ Ultra cochlear implant, the latest generation of HiRes implants.

The HiFocus SlimJ electrode is designed to meet the needs of the global market and is currently available in limited markets in Europe. The first surgeries were conducted at Medizinische Hochschule Hannover (MHH) by Professor Thomas Lenarz and his team.

“I am very pleased with the successful implantations by Prof. Lenarz at MHH in Hannover. This marks an important milestone not only for Advanced Bionics but for all future CI candidates,” said Hansjuerg Emch, group vice president, cochlear implants, Sonova.

Marketplace availability for all other regions will be based on regulatory approval by sector. When the HiRes Ultra implant is paired with the Naída CI sound processor, listeners will be hear the integration of AB and Phonak technology, said AB. The Naída CI, built from the same foundation as the hearing aid line from Phonak, is designed to automatically adjust to the sound environment for improved comfort and speech understanding in noise and automatic handling of wireless inputs from streaming devices, giving listeners access to phone calls and other media sources. The Naída CI can also be paired with a second hearing device (another Naída CI, a Phonak Naída Link hearing aid, or the wireless Phonak Naída Link CROS transmitter).

Source: AB