Minneapolis, Minn – GN ReSound has launched its First Patient Kit, a wireless fitting kit designed to help audiologists with their first ReSound Alera patient fitting.

Because Alera hearing aid uses 2.4 GHz wireless technology, it can be fitted without the use of any cables that connect the hearing aid to a computer with fitting software. Instead, the AirLink fitting accessory is inserted into the USB port of a computer and wirelessly communicates with the hearing aid.

“A big benefit for the hearing aid dispenser is the ability to fit Alera completely wirelessly,” said Dr. Laurel Christensen, chief audiology officer, GN ReSound, in a press statement. “Gone are the days of hunting around for the right cables and the patient having to wear a hook around their neck. For the first time, fitting is directly from computer to hearing aid.”

Designed to help audiologists with their first patient fitting, the new First Patient Kit includes two ReSound Alera hearing instruments, a Unite TV streamer, a Unite Remote Control, a Unite Phone Clip, and a ReSound Airlink for enabling wireless USB programming.
The Unite accessories enable users to tune directly into their TV and connect their mobile phone to their hearing aid via Bluetooth technology.

For more information about the new First Patient Kit, visit this ReSound Web page.