The Indianapolis-based Redux, a developer of a professional drying and cleaning system for personal electronics, announced that it has added Signia as its most recent partner. The company says that its Redux system will be available to leading hearing care professionals through Signia’s Aspire Rewards Program

With “the push of a button, the Redux system safely removes all moisture from hearing aids in a matter of minutes while providing real-time verification,” the company says. Redux’s patented technology “helps create a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water and remove all moisture from both traditionally powered and rechargeable hearing aids at below body temperature.”

“The national recognition from such a reputable hearing aid manufacturer further validates our proven solution to one of the most common issues patients have with hearing aids,” said Reuben Zielinski, Redux president and co-founder. “We’re proud to work with Signia’s Aspire partners and their patients who are struggling with moisture issues in their hearing aids.” 

According to Redux, hearing care professionals across the world have treated thousands of aids and other ear-worn devices with Redux’s drying system. Those partners report moisture removed from “98% of all aids treated while their patients report immediate improved performance in 77% of all aids treated.”

“We are excited to introduce Redux’s drying system to our Aspire network,” said Jennifer Wright, senior director, trade marketing for Signia. “The timing couldn’t be better. Providers are looking to Signia for innovative services to improve patient experience while also helping their practices to grow.” 

Aspire Rewards Program members benefit from “industry-leading programs, products, and services to continually grow, develop, and optimize their practices.” As a result, they have access to the tools that can improve practice cost-efficiencies, enhance the patient experience, and initiate interaction within the hearing care community.

Source: Redux

Image: Redux