Soundly’s lead audiologist programs over 20 hearing aids for users to compare with Live Listen tool

Soundly, an online-based company that provides education, tests hearing products, and researches hearing care methods, announces its live listen feature. Users can now compare the actual sound of hearing aids side-by-side online.

The company’s lead audiologist customized each product to match the most common hearing loss and recorded the hearing aids through a binaural test mannequin. Users can access the files on each product page of the website or by using the comparison feature to test different hearing aids side-by-side.

Soundly’s audiology lead programmed over 20 hearing aids to match a consistent hearing loss target, capturing a mix of over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription devices. According to the company, creators then used a validated binaural microphone with anatomically correct ear canals to record the sound from each of the devices. Each hearing aid was tested using a simulation of a quiet environment and a louder background noise environment. When testing Bluetooth enabled hearing aids, creators recorded streamed music. Users at can also toggle between hearing aids or compare a hearing aid to the corresponding hearing loss profile.

“Soundly is focused on making the hearing space more accessible to those with hearing loss. In early 2022 we started thinking about a feature that would give Soundly visitors a chance to actually hear what hearing products sound like,” commented Blake Cadwell, founder and CEO of Soundly. “Thanks to strong underlying technology from Ahead Simulations, we were able to capture 360º sounds in an anatomically correct ear canal. We’re thrilled to have this feature live and we’ve already had some great user feedback.”

Source: Soundly

Images: Soundly