The Edison Awards has awarded Redux drying system the Silver 2020 Edison Award in the category of Innovative Services and Healthcare Platforms, Redux announced. The Redux drying system is reportedly “the first on the market that can quickly and completely remove moisture from hearing aids and hearing instruments, greatly impacting the lives of those who use them.” The Edison Awards have recognized and honored new innovations and technologies from around the world since 1987.

“Redux is honored to receive the 2020 Edison Award, affirming the innovation and impact our dryer has on the lives of the millions of people who depend on hearing instruments for their quality of life,” said Ruben Zielinski, co-founder of Redux. “Moisture is a major problem for individuals with hearing instruments. We are proud to provide a solution that offers real-time verification of its effectiveness.”

The ear is not an ideal environment for electronics. Daily perspiration and humidity enter the device, and, over time, this constant exposure to moisture and wax can dampen the sound and eventually stop the hearing aid from working, according to Redux’s announcement.

The Redux drying system, available to audiology and hearing care professionals nationwide, “can restore hearing instruments to their peak operational state in about 12 minutes with the push of a button.” Redux’s patented technology creates a vacuum to lower the evaporation point of water to remove all liquid from both traditionally powered and rechargeable hearing aids. The drying process allows for “complete moisture removal at a controlled, safe temperature and provides a report of the amount of moisture removed from the device.”

Source: Redux

Image: Redux