ReSound has partnered with long-time lip-reading mom and book author, Shanna Groves, to promote hearing loss awareness and challenge the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids.

After 10 years of lip-reading her children, Groves (aka Lipreading Mom) was recently fit with state-of-the-art ReSound Verso hearing aids and Unite wireless accessories. Since being fit with ReSound Verso, Groves has been blogging about her experiences wearing her new hearing aids.

“What a difference one day of good hearing makes,” says Groves. “Highlights of today included listening to my oldest son’s whisper for the first time and chatting with my daughter in the car while I drove. A week ago, neither would have been possible for me to hear.”

Josh Gronninger, area sales manager, ReSound, said, “The Verso’s ability to deliver a 360 degree sound experience provides outstanding ability to hear in background noise, and its ease of use made it the best choice for Shanna’s busy and active lifestyle.”

Verso, coupled with the Unite wireless accessories, means there’s really nothing Groves cannot hear. A big issue for her was being able to easily communicate with others while on the go, especially her children. She has already shared a lot of examples of how she’s now able to easily connect with others.

“I have used Resound Versos and the Mini Mic in the car with my kids, in a noisy restaurant with a friend, and at the doctor’s office with a chatty nurse who has her back turned to me,” said Groves. “And in all these settings, I was able to have relaxed and engaging conversations.”

It is Groves’ own struggle to come to terms with her hearing loss that has led her to promote hearing awareness via her blog and encourage others not to miss out on one more day of beautiful everyday sounds.

“Shanna’s story shows us that a stigma still exists about wearing hearing aids,” says Kevin Mensink, VP of Marketing, ReSound. “It is our role as hearing professionals and advocates to change societal perceptions about hearing loss. Lipreading Mom with her own experiences and position as an author is a great persona to promote hearing awareness.”