Oticon Medical has enhanced its website to focus on increasing the level of engagement of site visitors. The redesigned site includes practical and easily accessed information and resources, including a clinic locator for bone anchored hearing practitioners and one-on-one communications with current Ponto users.

Oticon Medical general manager Jes Olsen commented in the press release, “As awareness of bone anchored hearing solutions increases, we recognize the need to provide easier and more streamlined access to the kind of information people require to make informed decisions. The most recent enhancements to the website include practical resources that enable people to take action when they are ready.”

Otolaryngologists, neuro otologists, audiologists, and clinics that utilize Oticon Medical’s Ponto system will be included in the site’s new clinic locator.

In addition, the website features first-person commentaries by Ponto Pro and Ponto Pro Power users. Beyond reading their testimonials, visitors will be able to use a new contact option that enables them to connect with experienced Ponto users for more personalized interaction and experiences using the system.

Interested individuals are matched to users with similar hearing loss, age, and geographic location and can contact them by email or phone to share experiences and answer questions.

As regulated prescription devices, bone anchored hearing processors can be dispensed only by a medical or hearing health provider. However, health care providers often refer their patients directly to manufacturers to purchase upgrade sound processors to their existing bone anchored hearing solutions. With that in mind, the Oticon Medical website enables users to select and purchase Ponto processors and accessories that are then professionally programmed and fit by their hearing care professional.

Finally, the upgraded website offers a downloadable patient information packet, available in 13 languages, which contains an aftercare brochure and other information. A series of “useful links” provides an updated list of relevant social websites and user discussion forums for easy access to alternative sources of information based on patient indication and type of hearing loss.

SOURCE: Oticon Medical