GSI Pello audiometerGrason-Stadler (GSI), a Minnesota-based clinical audiometric systems company, has introduced the GSI Pello, a new mid-level audiometer.

The company reports that its GSI Pello is a good choice when precise and efficient diagnostic audiometry is required. The Pello is a stand-alone and PC-enabled device with a small footprint and large foldable color display, which makes it suitable for numerous testing environments. With its ergonomic design, the GSI Pello provides the clinician a familiar and user-friendly experience with the control panel that offers simple one-button, one-function selections.

“The Pello was developed with input from well-respected clinicians and industry leaders,” said Brent Nissly, general manager and COO at GSI. “Once again our customers’ needs have enabled GSI to deliver a robust, reliable, and adaptable device for the ever-changing market.”

According to GSI, the Pello was designed to be adaptable, offering seamless upgrades to expand as your hearing healthcare practice grows with four license configurations that can be mixed and matched. The “Standard” license includes air conduction, bone conduction, speech audiometry and digital word lists for basic speech audiometry. With the “Speech Plus” license, Auto Score and Auto Play, QuickSIN, BKB-SIN, and AZ Bio sentences are available. The “Special Tests” license includes Pediatric Noise, remote keyboard short cuts, and the TEN Test for identifying cochlear dead regions. Finally, the “High Frequency” license includes headphones calibrated from 125- 20,000 Hz and fine frequency resolution.

Pello comes standard with GSI’s audiometric data management solution, GSI Suite. With a single button press from the Pello, data is transferred from the device to GSI Suite, where it is stored or where a report may be generated. A custom report designer in Suite allows flexibility with the clinician’s unique reporting needs. Counseling overlays assist with counseling patients about hearing loss results. Suite and Pello are designed to maximize work flow efficiency. To learn more about how the GSI Pello can grow with your practice, visit the GSI website.

Source: GSI