Eosera, Inc announced the launch of the Earbud Cleaning Kit—said to be “a fully equipped kit that cleans and sanitizes your AirPods and earbuds in minutes,” according to the company. The kits contain 30 squares of cleaning putty, 10 sanitizing alcohol wipes, a magnifying glass, and two delicate brush heads. According to the company’s announcement, Eosera designed the storage container to be reusable and durable for easy traveling and storing. The Earbud Cleaning Kit launched on www.EARcareMD.com on November 2 and will launch on Amazon and in select CVS stores across the nation in December 2020.


Buddy up with Eosera’s Earbud Cleaning Kit—an all-in-one kit that cleans and disinfects your earbuds in minutes.

Since the Pandemic, We Use Earbuds Now More than Ever

With 336 million earbud units sold with an average sales volume increase of 12 million per year1, the market for this kind of cleaning kit is large. Especially in the age of Zoom and working from home, earbuds are a necessity—everyone needs to clean their earbuds, whether they know it or not.

With the use of earbuds skyrocketing along with screens due to the pandemic, it’s no wonder they’re so dirty. Business Insider recently reported on a study2 done to see just how dirty your earbuds are. Out of 22 swabbed earbuds, 2 tested for yeast and 1 tested for a type of bacteria associated with dirt. Bacteria can form and grow on earbuds causing ear infections or ear itchiness. 

The Earbud Cleaning Kit contains alcohol towelettes to wipe down the outer plastic portion of the earbud for hygienic purposes.


De-gunk your earbuds with Eosera’s Earbud Cleaning Kit

Turn Up the Volume 

“The Earbud Cleaning Kit is a game-changer for how you interact with that technology,” said Elyse Dickerson, CEO of Eosera, Inc. 

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Source: Eosera

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