In this issue, The Hearing Review presents a special Literature Review, a guide to some of the new product brochures, catalogs, product specification sheets, flyers, and other informational literature currently available from various hearing industry companies. Descriptions of the products and services listed in this review were provided by companies on request of HR. To receive more information on any of the following literature, contact the listed numbers or fill out one of the enclosed Action Card (found on page 54).

CareCredit, reportedly the nation’s leading patient payment program, continues a commitment to practice support and education with its Practice Resource Center. Specifically designed for dispensing professionals, the Center features a wide variety of educational materials. The CareCredit Resource Center also gives practices access to a selection of article reprints on a wide variety of practice building topics, including “Improving Communication to the Mature Market,” and “Understanding Why People Buy.” For more information, or to receive a FREE audio program or article reprint, practices can call (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519, or e-mail [email protected].

Entific Medical Systems
Entific Medical Systems Inc, Powell, Ohio, presents a 2-page flyer describing its BAHA® system for single-sided deafness (SSD). In addition to color images of the product, the brochure offers a comprehensive Q&A section, featuring information about SSD, how it affects the patient, and the benefits of the BAHA®. The BAHA® works through bone conduction with a sound processor attached to a tiny titanium implant. The processor is placed on the deaf side, behind the ear, and sound is transferred through the bone of the skull, stimulating the cochlea of the hearing ear. The brain is then able to distinguish between the sound that it receives from the deaf side via the BAHA® system, from the sound that it receives from the hearing ear. To order this flyer, contact Entific at (888) 825-8484;

Frye Electronics
The Frye Electronics catalog is a compilation of new and updated information about the company’s FONIX line of products. The company says that, as it is constantly making improvements to products, they are also continually adding new pieces of information. The FONIX 6500-CX hearing aid test system has a new sound chamber, and the new ability to test “group delay and phase” of digital hearing aids. In addition, the catalog has information on the NAL-NL1 fitting software for the FP35 hearing aid analyzer. Frye Electronics wants its users to have information at hand about all the features and options on its analyzers and audiometers. The information in the catalog is also found on the company’s Web site,;  (800) 547-8209.

Gennum Corp
Gennum Corp, Burlington, Ontario, Canada, presents a full-color glossy catalog describing its Duet digital DSP system with advanced adaptive algorithms. This product features adaptive feedback cancellation, 16-band adaptive noise reduction, Frontwave directional processing, 4-channel wide dynamic range compression, 16-band frequency shaping, and 95 dB input dynamic range. The catalog features full technical descriptions of the products, including color graphs illustrating 16-band frequency shaping, estimated feedback path, and other features. Of special emphasis in the catalog is the adaptive feedback cancellation feature, which provides approximately 10 dB more gain before feedback occurs than without. (905)-632-2996;

GN ReSound
GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, offers a full-color brochure introducing the Canta 7 Open digital hearing instrument. This new product, which uses open fitting, is described in full detail, with diagrams, frequency charts, and full-color photos to illustrate the product and how it works. Some of the Canta 7’s features include: a software based digital processor; dual microphone adaptive directionality; fast-acting noise reduction; stabilizer digital feedback suppression system; and ComforTec open fitting technology. To order a copy of this brochure, call (800) 248-4327;  

HiTec Group
HITEC, Burr Ridge, Ill, offers a color pamphlet describing the ClearSounds 40XLC Amplified Phone with Caller ID. The pamphlet gives fully detailed descriptions of the phone’s amplification, signaling system, speakerphone, and caller ID functions. The phone’s amplification offers up to 50 dB total gain, with a switch allowing the user to maintain the volume settings. In addition, the phone features a built-in strobe ring signaling system, which, along with a 95dB ringer, ensures that users will not miss calls. The system also contains a 3-level speech output control that allows volume adjustment on the user’s outgoing voice, with increases of up to 12 dB. Also included in the brochure is a color picture of the phone, clearly illustrating its options. For a copy of the pamphlet, visit

Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, is offering a color product guide for the OtoRead OAE instrument for testing newborn babies, children, and adults. The product guide focuses specifically on the OtoRead’s efficient baby screening and diagnostic testing. Featured are detailed descriptions of the instrument itself, as well as the probe, the printer, and other applications. The product’s program manager can establish a defined protocol that can be followed by any trained individual. The guide includes a sample printout of the product’s test data, which gives a “pass” or “refer” indication for each ear. To order a copy, call Interacoustics USA at (800) 947-6334;

Maico Diagnostics
Maico Diagnostics, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers a color brochure on its MI 24 and MI 26 tympanometers. The MI 24 and MI 26 perform automatic impedance tests, along with multi-frequency, multi-level reflex screening. Both instruments offer graphical reflex display and gradient calculations. Optional contralateral reflex testing is available with either a button phone or TDH 39. The brochure features a short description of these two products, which offer a backlit LCD screen and customized printout, four frequency, four level reflex capabilities, graphical reflex display, and complete air conduction audiometry. The MI 24 is designed to be an extremely reliable tympanometer, and the MI 26 offers the convenience of a tympanometer with an audiometer. For a copy of these product descriptions, call Maico at (888) 941-4201;

Microsonic, Ambridge, Pa, offers its new supplement to its Earmold Accessories, Materials, Supplies, and Tools Catalog. The catalog supplement’s product presentation is divided into seven sections with color product photos and detailed descriptions. It includes impression supplies, earmold tubing, acoustic modification, testing accessories, tools, cleaning, and finishing products, and a variety of educational resources. Some of the company’s products include the tragus earmold, the advanced design free field mold, and the use of a silicone canal in conjunction with hard materials.To receive a copy of the catalog, call (877) 376-7139, or visit [email protected].  

Mid States Laboratories
Mid-States Laboratories Inc, Wichita, Kan, is now offering a new color brochure describing the company’s Yellow Stuff™ and Yellow Stuff II™ impression material systems. Included in this catalog is detailed specification information and other updated information on both of these product lines, including in-depth descriptions of the type of materials used in forming the products, in addition to other important impression material facts for hearing industry professionals to know. To order a copy, call Mid-States at (800) 247-3669;

Phonak Hearing Systems, Warrenville, IL, presents its new 2003 catalog entitled Solutions for Better Hearing. This full-color catalog features pictures and descriptions for all its digital, programmable, wireless, ITE, BTE, and pediatric hearing instruments and FM listening devices. Products include Claro, the state-of-the-art in signal processing; Aero, a line of digital instruments designed to fit any loss from mild to severe; and Supero, the latest digital system designed specifically for those with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Each product description includes fitting recommendations as well as available options. In addition, there is a comprehensive reference guide and BTE color chart. To order a copy of this new catalog, call Phonak directly at (800) 777-7333;

Rayovac Corp, Madison, Wis, introduces a full-color 2-page brochure on its Ultra Pro Line hearing aid battery line. The brochure features a detailed guide to the battery’s new package, which features a new spin and lock dial, longer battery tabs, and a new snap-tight door design. To order this brochure, call Rayovac at (800) 356-7422;

SeboTek, Tulsa, Okla, offers a Dispenser Guide to its Post Auricular Canal (PAC) Hearing System Voice-Q™ Series. The 14-page color booklet contains technical descriptions of the fitting range of the product, a comprehensive overview to the fitting process, and information about cleaning and maintenance. In addition to technical specifications and PAC components, the guide offers color illustrations showing highly detailed information on all aspects of the product. A nearly transparent wire connects the system’s digital sound processor, which is worn deep in the ear canal. According to the company, the PAC’s benefits are its discreetness and wearing comfort. It can be worn immediately after the user’s first visit to their hearing professional’s office. To order a copy of the guide, call SeboTek at (800) 388-9041;

Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens Hearing Instruments, Piscataway, NJ, introduces a full-color brochure and product guide describing the company’s MUSIC Pro family of hearing instruments. The brochure contains detailed descriptions of the product, color photos of instrument users being fitted with the product, and illustrations of the product’s uniform inter-face concept. Featured are the MUSIC Pro Micro-CIC, ITE, and BTE instruments. To receive a copy of this brochure, contact Siemens at (800) 766-4500;

Starkey Laboratories Inc, Eden Prairie, Minn, offers a new color brochure entitled Protecting Your Most Vital Sense: Starkey hearing conservation, enhancement and earmold solutions. This guide features a custom earmold color swatch, a custom earmold material selection guide, and an earplug guide. Featured are full-color photographs of all the described products in full detail, including images of earmolds and earplugs. For more information, call Starkey at (800) 328-8602;

Unitron Hearing
Unitron Hearing Ltd, Plymouth, Minn, is now offering a color brochure describing its new Conversa™ with ClearCall digital hearing solution. According to the company, the Conversa offers a solution for telephone use by those with hearing loss, eliminating the need for a telecoil or separate program. The brochure describing this product includes technical specifications and is also fully illustrated, complete with pictures of the actual instrument as well as detailed product information. To order this brochure, call Unitron at (800) 888-8882;

Widex Hearing Aid Co Inc, Long Island City, NY, presents a new color, 2-page brochure entitled Hearing Well With One Ear…Is Less Than Half The Story. This brochure is aimed at people who need to wear two hearing aids. It features a color chart that compares fully digital technology with digitally programmable analog technology and conventional analog technology. To order this brochure, contact (800) 221-0188;