With a click of a button, hearing aid users and hearing care professionals today have a wealth of information at their fingertips. Patients have the chance to be well-informed about the latest hearing aid products, and hearing health professionals have the opportunity to research the best possible products for their clients. In this Web site guide, HR looks at what some of the hearing health companies have to offer on the Internet.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Apherma
Dispensers and consumers can access important information regarding Apherma products and corporate culture by visiting www.apherma.com. Dispensers are able to download fitting software and sales brochures while reviewing the latest updates from the corporate office. Consumers can take advantage of the patented "bio-calibrated" online hearing test for results that may indicate a need for amplification.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) CareCredit
Developed with the guidance of top practices, the CareCredit® Web site, www.carecredit.com, highlights detailed information about the comprehensive range of patient payment plans, including popular No-Interest and Low-Interest plans. An online application is provided on the Getting Started page, which provides a credit decision in seconds. The site also features Pre-Approval which allows you to know in advance if your patients will be approved for CareCredit before the financial discussion or their appointment for care.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) E-A-R Auditory Systems
The E-A-R Auditory Systems Web site, www.e-a-r.com/auditorysystems, has recently been upgraded with improved product descriptions and images. The site includes contact information for the company’s US and International distributors, and the complete texts of the E-A-RTONE Gold 3A and 5A Insert Earphone instruction booklets (requires Adobe® Acrobat® Reader™). Visitors to the site can access the Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as an email link for comments, additional information, and technical support.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Gennum
Visitors to www.gennum.com can view a colorful guide to Gennum Corp and its product line. Highlighted is the GenBlue, part of the company’s family of Bluetooth modules. In addition, the site features Gennum’s other digital and analog products, software, packaging services, and technical documentation for each of its hearing instruments.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) GN Otometrics
The comprehensive GN Otometrics Web site, www.gnotometrics.com, helps users make the right decision about audiological equipment and software solutions under the Madsen and ICS brand names. The site features full product information with brochures and datasheets available for download, a news section, industry publications, and formal courses designed to cover the clinical aspects of testing. The international distributor locator directs users to sales offices worldwide.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Hansaton
A new web page, www.hearing–usa.com, powered by Hansaton, introduces a unique world of hearing products designed to maximize both communication and understanding. Visitors to the Web site will enjoy an online tour of Hansaton’s global enterprises, find detailed product information and get an extensive overview of all available services. Further, visitors will find contact details of Hansaton’s three dedicated distributors in the United States.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Harris Communications
Check out Harris Communications Web site at www.harriscomm.com for a full-line of assistive devices for people who are deaf and hard-of-hearing—assistive listening devices, amplified telephones, signaling devices, TTYs, and much more. There is also a large selection of books, videos, CDs, and DVDs pertaining to sign language and hearing loss. New products are frequently added to the site. Free catalog available.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Healthcare Providers Service Organization
Healthcare Providers Service Organization (HPSO) provides professional liability insurance to over 200,000 healthcare professionals—including audiologists. Endorsed by the American Academy of Audiology, HPSO’s Web site contains information on what the HPSO program covers, in addition to risk-management case studies. You can also apply for coverage online safely and easily—just visit www.hpso.com/hearing for more information.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) In’tech
The In’Tech Industries Inc Web site, www.intech-ind.com, offers users access to information about the products and services offered by In’Tech. A sample of products, including the faceplates, battery doors, battery boots, BTE components, accessories, and VTM products and services, is displayed through the "Our Products" link. The "Our Services" link provides information about In’Tech’s customized-part design services, manufacturing, and VTM technology.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Interacoustics
Product brochures, hearing health articles, and company news and events are just some of the features of the Interacoustics’ Web site, www.interacoustics.com. The product selection featured on the Web site includes audiometers, middle ear analyzers, and ABR, OAE, and VNG instruments. The site also offers information on the RhinoMetrics product line, which consists of instruments used to measure and identify abnormalities in the nose.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Interton
In addition to product and company information, Interton’s Web site, www.interton-usa.com, offers visitors basic, educational information about hearing loss, types of hearing aids, and tips on using new hearing instruments. Interton provides five digital product lines—IQ™, EVO, Staris, Finesse, and Wireless CROS—all of which are showcased on the Web site.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Knowles Electronics
Hearing instrument designers and manufacturers turn to Knowles Electronics for microphones, receivers, electromechanical controls, and accessories. The site features data on all transducer products, along with detailed performance data, application notes, technical papers, product bulletins, and applications assistance. www.knowleselectronics.com is also linked with Knowles’ electromechanical controls web site, www.deltekelectronics.com, to provide the hearing instrument OEM with maximum on-line resources.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Maico Diagnostics
The newly redesigned Maico Diagnostics Web site, www.maico-diagnostics.com, features its full line of innovative hearing testing equipment. Organized both by type of instrument and by type of practice, users can easily navigate to the instrument they’d like information about. Along with instrument descriptions, the Web site contains downloadable technical data sheets, features and benefits, operation manuals, and practical guides.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Phonak
At www.phonak-us.com, consumers can request information and referrals to local providers, and access detailed information on hearing health and the anatomy of the ear. The Web site offers detailed product information and the ability to download brochures. At www.phonak-pro.com, hearing professionals have the ability to order BTE’s online, access technical information, as well as marketing and advertising support.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Precision Labs
The Precision Laboratories Web site, www.precisionweb.com, offers information about Precision Laboratories’ wide array of products, including monitor earphones, musician earplugs, and more. In addition, the Web site offers an earmold reference guide, which includes information on concepts and techniques of impressions, earmold modifications and service, earmold selection, earmold acoustics and theories, and earmold performance measured in the hearing health care professional’s office.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Rayovac
Hearing care professionals count on Rayovac. Not only does Rayovac reportedly manufacture the longest lasting hearing aid battery, it offers premium services to customers. The Web site allows industry professionals that partner with Rayovac Ultra ProLine unique ways to build and retain their vital customer base. Log on at www.rayovac.com to learn more.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Rexton Inc
Featuring Rexton’s extensive product line in an easy-to navigate format, www.rexton-online.com allows hearing care professionals to manage all aspects of their Rexton account online. Professionals can place custom and BTE orders, download current literature, view statements and credits, as well as make payments on their account. New features include an online repair form. An account-specific username and password login can be obtained by contacting a Rexton sales representative.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) SeboTek
www.SeboTek.com displays a home page introducing consumers and hearing professionals to the new PAC style hearing instrument. The PAC is designed to provide acoustic excellence, soft, comfortable fit, and is virtually invisible when worn. The Hearing Professionals section contains technical information on the Voice-Q™ PAC products, fitting process, technical support, upcoming events, and FAQs.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Siemens Hearing Instruments
Siemens’ Web site is sporting a new design, featuring user-friendly navigation and loads of useful information. Packed with all the information necessary to take advantage of all Siemens solutions, hearing care professionals can learn about all the products and services Siemens offers including hearing instruments, software, and marketing support, as well as information about upcoming training and events. Additionally, discovering all the advantages of joining mySiemens e-business Web site has never been easier. Visit www.usa.siemens.com/hearing to check out Siemens’ new online look.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Starkey Laboratories
www.starkey.com offers information about hearing loss and its impact on life to visitors from around the world in the language of the selected country. Answers to basic questions empower consumers to consult with a hearing professional for treatment options. In addition to information about Starkey, the site includes resources for professionals, current hearing technologies, and a robust locate-a-hearing-professional function.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Unitron Hearing
Unitron Hearing’s Web site, www.unitronhearing.com, features educational information and support resources for people with hearing loss and hearing professionals. People with hearing loss will discover information on hearing loss, hearing solutions, and locating a hearing care professional. Hearing professionals will learn about current products: Liaison, Conversa, Unison, and the new WiFi Mic System. Also, an extensive resources area for professionals contains a wide variety of easy-to-access materials.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) Widex
The Widex USA Consumer Web site, www.widexusa.com, features a wealth of information on the company’s various products, including the Senso Diva, Senso Vita, Senso Plus, Super Power and Bravo. In addition, the site features news articles and other media coverage, testimonials, FAQs, and a special section on children’s hearing issues.

f10a.jpg (12928 bytes) ZeniPower
ZeniPower has been manufacturing hearing aid batteries for 17 years. The company’s Web site, www.zenipower.com, provides information on ZeniPower’s patented technology and ISO9001-certified strict quality control. ZeniPower provides the industry with economical hearing aid batteries optimized for digital hearing aids.