December 4, 2007

ETS-Lindgren, Cedar Park, Texas, recently announced expansion of its chamber manufacturing capabilities to now include acoustic testing environments. ETS-Lindgren Acoustic Systems brand test chambers are manufactured by a veteran production team reported to have more than 35 years experience controlling sound energy.

Acoustic anechoic, predictable field and reverb/transmission loss solutions feature the same level of expertise and quality customers have come to expect from its EMC, RF/microwave and wireless chambers, according an ETS-Lindgren news release.

Brian Hill, ETS-Lindgren’s leader of product management notes, “Our acoustic chambers provide an additional type of testing to assist our chamber customers. It’s increasingly common for our automotive, medical, wireless and electronics chamber customers to also have acoustic test requirements. We can now offer our customers convenience and reliability by providing a choice of chamber types from a single, well-established company.”

Bryan Sayler, ETS-Lindgren’s senior vice president and general manager, adds: “As a vertically integrated manufacturer, we have control over all the processes that contribute to the final product.  We design and manufacture our components for optimum performance – panels, doors, anechoic absorber, RF antennas, and positioning systems – and seamlessly integrate them into one system.  This expertise now applies to our acoustic chambers as well.”

ETS-Lindgren’s new 52-page brochure, Chamber, Enclosure & Test Cell Solutions for Test & Measurement Applications, provides further information on chambers and test cells for EMC testing.   The brochure addresses applications, standards, performance testing, and construction details as well as ETS-Lindgren’s capabilities and expertise. To view the brochure, visit

Source: ETS-Lindgren