product Digital Hearing Instrument
GN ReSound, Bloomington, Minn, has expanded its digital product offerings with NewTone. NewTone hearing instruments reportedly bring the superior signal processing technology provided by DSP to the conventional and analog hearing instrument market. The company designed NewTone with the needs of today’s hearing healthcare professional in mind; the digital products have a variety of technologically advanced characteristics, including 100% digital signal processing, 4-channel WDRC compression, 4-channel frequency response shaping, and programmable multi-memory and telecoil options. NewTone comes in a full product line, from BTE to CIC.

product Digital Hearing Instrument
Unitron Hearing, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, announces the expansion of its Unison 2 digital offering. In addition to Unison 2 Multi Memory, Unitron Hearing will offer Unison 2 Single Memory for patients that wish to have digital features in an entry-level hearing device. While Unison 2 Multi Memory offers directional microphones, high power capabilities, and two listening programs, Unison 2 Single Memory is suited to clients exposed to fewer listening environments or clients that want to try an uncomplicated digital hearing device after prolonged use of an analog hearing aid. Unison 2 Single Memory is available for clients with a range of hearing losses from mild to moderately severe. It is available in CIC and ITE styles, and features two channels of compression, four bands for frequency response shaping, and adjustable crossover. It also comes equipped with quiet mode expansion, feedback management, low battery warning, optional telecoil, and standard manual volume control (except in the CIC style).

product Power BTE
Oticon Inc, Somerset, NJ, has introduces a new BTE, Sumo, for “Super Power Maximum Output”. A new amplifier and receiver design called Output Optimization Technology reportedly allows Sumo to provide greater MPO (146 dB SPL) and gain (86 dB) than available in former BTEs—analog or digital. The instruments are designed to provide substantial benefit for severe to profound hearing aid users, with a dramatic increase in the low frequency MPO and gain. Sumo features a small, thin and light shell design, which makes it suitable for infants as well as adults. A proprietary interlocking FM and direct audio input shoe solution ensures secure and robust connectivity and helps prevent accessory loss. The new power instrument offers extensive fitting flexibility and a broad range of features, such as an effective feedback management system, programmable telecoil, and a battery management system.

product Vent Cleaner
Hal-Hen Company, Garden City Park, NY, offers the Vent Cleaner Brush. The brush fits most CIC and ITE vents and is designed to clean trapped cerumen and debris. Listed as catalog #3541, the brushes are available in packages of 12. (800) 242-5436;

product 4-Channel Digital Aid
Micro-Tech, Plymouth, Minn, introduces Denali, the latest hearing instrument in the Micro-Tech digital family. Denali uses tried-and-true digital features to accommodate a wide range of hearing losses and model preferences. Its 4-channel design optimizes the accuracy for fitting a variety of audiometric configurations. Denali features a resonance booster, a fitting approach which reportedly has led to thousands of successful fittings of high-frequency loss patients. The feedback censor algorithm uses a narrow notch filter to selectively cancel feedback oscillation with negligible impact on the frequency response. Denali has the ability to provide the DiRx directional system and the touchless telecoil options.

product Infant Earmold Replacement
Hearing Components, Oakdale, Minn, announces continuing uses for its product. The earmold replacement for infants with hearing loss was recently used by audiologists at Boys Town National Research Hospital in April 2002, according to the company. Hearing Components demonstrated that standard #13 pre-bent tubing could be sized and wrapped with Comply Soft Wrap foam strips to make an acoustic coupler to replace traditional infant earmolds. As a child’s ear grows, a thicker wrapping can often control feedback. Parents can easily and safely manage the acoustic coupler, therefore reducing the number of visits to their audiologist. Another advantage is that loaner hearing aids can be fitted immediately, without the need for impressions and the delays sometimes associated with traditional earmold fabrication.

product Web Site Program
The Sonus Network has announced a new online program designed to provide an effective online avenue for consumers to find and learn about a hearing healthcare practice. The custom Web site program provides a professionally designed and proven Web site for Sonus network members, according to the company. The program includes five Web pages, five email addresses, a custom domain name, and submission to 20 major search engines. And the members’ site is added to the Sonus “Find a Clinic” consumer directory. The program’s annual fee is redeemable through product purchase credits.

product Silicone Earmold Material
Westone Laboratories, Colorado Springs, Colo, introduces OtoClear™ material for earmolds. The silicone earmold material reportedly has a “water-clear” appearance, and features high tear resistance and a high durometer, which reduces the possibility of feedback. In addition, TRS and Tube-Lock tubes tend to anchor better in OtoClear. (800) 525-5071; [email protected];

innovations in

Brown Gennum Corp is pleased to announce Sound Design, a new initiative aimed at raising the standard of hearing aid sound quality. The Sound Design brand will be launched in April 2003 with a focus on the amplification path of digital hearing aids. Gennum’s expertise in analog and digital signal processing allows us to offer industry-leading dynamic range and bandwidth—two important factors in the perception of sound quality. Our approach relies on fundamental principles of good sound reproduction, and we believe that your patients will appreciate the difference. As Sergei Kochkin recently observed [MarkeTrak VI: Consumers Rate Improvements Sought in Hearing Instruments. Hearing Review. 2002; 9(12)], hearing aid sound quality is one of the top issues affecting customer satisfaction. Our new Sound Design brand name represents our commitment to meeting that challenge. At Gennum, we believe that no hearing aid should have a hearing impairment of its own.

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