April 18, 2007

As part of Better Hearing Month the Better Hearing Institute plans to take an opportunity to educate people about hearing loss and its treatment. BHI will focus on Baby Boomers during the month-long observation in May.

The institute (www.betterhearing .org) says that with nearly 15 percent of Americans between the ages of 41 and 59 already experiencing hearing problems, boomers and their families are an important audience to reach.  Their goal is to motivate as many individuals in this age group as possible to get their hearing checked so hearing health problems may be addressed early on.
During late April the BHI will be involved in a number of activities designed to promote hearing health and hearing solutions at both a national and local level.

Components of this year’s BHSM program include a CNN Health Alert, a presentation to members of the House and Senate as well as the release of the results of a study that links hearing loss and income.
Source: Better Hearing Institute