Hearing care professionals attending the 2013 AAA conference in Anaheim, Calif, voted Oticon’s “Make It Personal” exhibit the Best in Show in the Supersize category. The 8,800-square-foot exhibit provided a personalized view of Oticon’s portfolio of hearing solutions and business support.

“The central theme of our exhibit this year is the new world of personalized hearing care, shaped to life, starting with the new Oticon Alta premium technology hearing solution,” said Oticon president Peer Lauritsen. “Alta’s premium hearing technology, all new Inium platform, and innovative fitting tools empower practitioners to factor more personal dimensions into each fitting for a highly customized solution and a higher level of client satisfaction.”



The exhibit offered conference participants an opportunity to get “up close and personal” with the Alta line and to see a new generation of Oticon’s RITE receivers, domes, and molds, called MiniFit, which provide a more personalized fit.

Also showcased was the newly updated ConnectLine system. The new and more versatile Streamer Pro features teleloop and FM compatibility features, plus a new neck loop design in three size options for better fit and a rubberized grip for easy handling.

A custom product modeling demonstration provided an overview of new possibilities for achieving a more personalized fit with improved flexibility, comfort, and listening performance.

Oticon also showcased its new personalized business support materials, which enable practitioners to customize their marketing campaigns to their own marketing approach and practice persona.

Finally, the supersized booth included an Oticon Pediatrics “classroom,” which featured an interactive Smart board. An Oticon Student Lounge also provided an opportunity to learn about Oticon-supported student programs and to network with fellow young professionals at an “Oticon Summer Camp Reunion.”

The Oticon exhibit was also the setting for a special champagne and cake celebration in honor of the American Academy of Audiology’s 25th anniversary. Conference participants were given an opportunity to post their personal wishes for the future of audiology on an oversized anniversary candle display. For each anniversary wish posted, Oticon donated $1 to fund costs for audiologists to join 2013 Project Amazon, a humanitarian mission to the Oticon Clinic in Parintins, Brazil. Oticon made additional donations to Project Amazon for each participant who used a special “Oticon App” to record their stops at stations throughout the exhibit during the conference.

SOURCE: Oticon Inc