Interacoustics announced the launch of the third generation of Micromedical VisualEyes by Interacoustics, which offers videonystagmography, vHIT, and rotary chair testing in one integrated system.

To introduce the balance industry to the new release, Interacoustics will host two live virtual events in October. The first event is on October 22, offering expert interviews, product demonstrations, and Q&A sessions.

Online registrations are open, and participants can register for the event by following the link below.

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VisualEyes is an advanced VNG solution. According to Interacoustics, the new release offers many advantages such as objective torsional eye movement analysis, integrated VORTEQ sensor protocols, saccadometry, and integrated EyeSeeCam vHIT.

The new solution also includes several rotary chair tests as well as new rotary chair options and provides the opportunity to upgrade the system as clinical needs change by simply adding new modules to the test battery.

Michelle Petrak, PhD, and director of clinical audiology at Interacoustics, said, “The advanced technology of the new VisualEyes will give the vestibular clinician the required test options needed to diagnose dizzy patients accurately and quickly. With VisualEyes, they can see more patients in less time.”

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Source: Interacoustics

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