Which?, the United Kingdom equivalent of the Consumers Union in the United States, has partnered with Action on Hearing Loss to educate UK consumers about hearing aids.

The organizations have created a new Web-based guide that will give people with hearing loss information and resources for getting a hearing aid that’s right for them through either the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) or a private audiologist.

The guide, “How to get the best hearing aid,” provides in-depth advice for anyone who is unsure about the steps they need to take in order to improve their hearing. The advice includes getting a hearing assessment from an Audiologist, choosing a hearing aid, and what to do if there are any problems once it has been fitted.

Action on Hearing Loss Senior Audiologist Gemma Twitchen said: “It’s fantastic to work in partnership with Which? to help around four million people in the UK who could benefit from hearing aids but have not tried them, making it clear the options that they have available to them. The guide also assists people who have tried hearing aids to get the best from them as it takes time to adapt to using them, getting used to new sounds as well as managing the aids themselves.”

Jenni Allen, Head of Public Services at Which?, commented, “We’re delighted to partner with Action on Hearing Loss to create this guide. Many people have contacted us because they struggle to know where to go and who to trust when they find they need hearing aids. The new guide will give clear information and advice to help people ask the right questions, and help them feel empowered to make an informed choice – whether they get their aids privately or from the NHS.”

To access the guide, visit – www.which.co.uk/hearingaids