Tinnitus Treatment Solutions LLC (TTS), a nationwide provider of solutions for tinnitus, or ringing in the ears, has announced it is now providing an expanded product and accessory line of treatment devices. In addition to the company’s existing product offering of tinnitus hearing aids from Starkey, Widex, and ReSound, and the handheld SoundCure Serenade, TTS reports that new accessories being offered include the Sound Pillow, a tabletop Sound and Sleep machine, several open-fit ear earphones, and accessories that may be used to facilitate wireless streaming.

Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) According to the TTS announcement, the company combines comprehensive tinnitus care through free consultations that are integrated with patient education, counseling, and support provided via a telemedicine approach by licensed audiologists who are tinnitus experts. The TTS tele-audiologist often partners with a local hearing healthcare provider for optimal patient care, as needed.

TTS reports that it is staffed by caring tinnitus experts who provide treatment through tele-home care to deliver short- and long-term relief through a full range of products. This includes addressing patients with mild to severe tinnitus, with normal hearing to severe hearing loss, from recent onset cases to longtime sufferers. The new, over-the-counter tinnitus accessories complement the full range of prescription tinnitus hearing aids and sound therapy options like the SoundCure Serenade.

“We are excited to expand the treatment options available to our patients,” says TTS audiologist Alex O’Dell, AuD. “Tinnitus sufferers have a diverse set of needs and experiences, and every patient’s tinnitus is different. By offering a broad array of tinnitus products and treatments, we take into account and target each patient’s individual clinical situation, lifestyle, and experience. We have an approach for almost every tinnitus sufferer.”

Source: Tinnitus Treatment Solutions