Google has announced the launch of the “Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities” initiative through its non-profit,, which is pledging $20 million in grants to organizations and non-profits that can help people with disabilities through the use of emerging assistive technologies. The Google Impact Challenge is seeking non-profits that will work on finding new solutions for the disabled community, and will choose the best ideas from those submitted. Grant recipients may develop their ideas using Google’s resources.

According to an article in Industry Leaders Magazine, several organizations and start-ups have already received grants to research and develop 3D-printed prosthetics, while World Wide Hearing has received a $500,000 grant to develop and test a low-cost toolkit for the diagnosis of hearing loss. World Wide Hearing, a non-profit that provides access to affordable hearing aids to youth in developing countries, is creating a kit that will rely on a connection with smartphones to make help for hearing loss more affordable for those in low-income communities.

3D printed hearing aids is not a new idea. Hearing Review has reported on Voxel8 which which is developing a 3D printer that will be able to print wearable electronic devices like hearing aids.

Google is said to have an estimated $19 million in funds yet to be awarded. For more details, read the full article from Industry Leaders Magazine. For information about Google’s Global Impact Awards or the new initiative, visit

Source: Industry Leaders Magazine,

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