Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) California-based Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS) reports that it has created a large affiliated network for tinnitus care in the United States, with a network of partnerships that now has more than 4,500 sites nationwide.

TTS says that by combining teleaudiology with hearing healthcare sites through its network of partnerships, it can effectively respond to almost any tinnitus patient seeking care in the country. This breadth and depth of care represents a significant increase in service access for this historically underserved patient group of an estimated 50 million US adults.

Tinnitus patients get tinnitus expertise with TTS audiologists through teleaudiology and in-person amplification care at local sites near the patient. TTS handles all tinnitus education, habituation counseling, and extensive follow-up. The local clinic handles fitting of the tinnitus hearing aid and amplification follow-up. Recently contracted partnerships with Your Hearing Network (YHN), Audiology Management Group (AMG), and HearUSA (provider of the AARP Hearing Care Program) provide local coverage nationwide.

TTS provides its Habituation Retraining Therapy (HaRTTM) that focuses on expert tinnitus education and counseling, the proper use of sound therapy to facilitate longterm relief through habituation, and routine interaction with an audiologist to guide the process. TTS works with tinnitus hearing aid technologies from Oticon, Siemens, Widex, Starkey, ReSound, and Phonak.

The current phase of the partnerships is an introductory phase to initiate care and educate the network participants. This will be followed by a focused phase of expansion and a ramping up of referrals so patients can find the care they need whether they start their journey at TTS or the local clinic.

“Having created the largest affiliated tinnitus care network of which we are aware, TTS understands the importance of prompt, accessible, high-quality care that today’s healthcare consumers expect,” said Bill Perry, CEO of TTS. “So many patients have been told nothing can be done about their tinnitus, and they get incorrect, discouraging information, or have tried “miracle cures” and been severely disappointed. We provide care based on the solid principles of sound therapy combined with audiologist interaction. Patients enjoy the rapid response enabled by teleaudiology services, the clinical expertise of our team, and the face-to-face interactions at our partner sites. This first phase of the partnership is very exciting, and we look forward to the expansion phase as we roll out the program.”

Source: Tinnitus Treatment Solutions (TTS)