Siemens Hearing Instruments’ United Kingdom division will showcase a range of audiology workflow solutions, the IMPACT Pro family, and Life 501 products, at the 2012 British Academy of Audiology (BAA) Conference, November 12-13, 2012, in Manchester.

Among the offerings, Siemens will demonstrate new fitting solutions designed to streamline workflow, including AutoFit, Unity 2, and Primus integrated fitting systems. Unity 2 is a PC-controlled diagnostic fitting and measurement system that offers modularity and mobility. When used with Siemens’ AutoFit, the combination can simplify and speed up daily fitting processes.

The Primus fitting system is a portable PC-based solution designed for community based or fixed location fittings. The Primus’ audiometry module provides a wide range of options within pure tone, bone conduction, and speech audiometry. In addition, Primus REM module offers classic Real Ear Measurements and speech mapping measurements.

Siemens will also highlight Life 501, a discreet combination hearing instrument and noise generator for managing tinnitus. Life 501 is a discreet tinnitus solution that uses Siemens’ BestSound technology, as well as a flexible approach in managing tinnitus, having four different noise therapy options.

Finally, Siemens will feature the recently upgraded IMPACT Pro hearing aid product family, which includes FeedbackStopper and SoundBrilliance.

FeedbackStopper functionality is designed to ensure that feedback is quickly eliminated without any sound distortion. SoundBrilliance is a technology that is engineered to enhance the perception of high quality sounds by artificially extending high frequency output.

SOURCE: Siemens Hearing Instruments, UK