Ahmedabad, India —  Lincoln Pharmaceuticals announced that it has introduced the first injection pharmaceutical cure for tinnitus in India. Using the brand name Tinnex, the injection utilizes the Caroverine molecule, which was developed by Lincoln Pharma under a licensing arrangement and technical collaboration with Phafag AG, Switzerland.

According to the company, cochlear synaptic tinnitus is the most common cause of tinnitus and is due to disturbed interplay of receptors on the postsynaptic membrane between inner hair cells and dendrites. Disturbed interplay creates a state of spontaneous depolarization, causing patients to continuously hear a sound.

Tinnex is described as a glutamate antagonist with a single injection that corrects the spontaneous depolarization state. Receptors start functioning again in a normal physiological way, giving permanent cure from tinnitus to patients, the company claims. It also says that no adverse effects have been noticed during its clinical studies of the drug.

Lincoln Pharmaceuticals says it is exploring other countries to introduce Tinnex. More information is available on the company’s website.

SOURCE: News reports and Tinnex