Plural Publishing, San Diego, has just released How to Manage Your Tinnitus A Step-by-Step Workbook by James Henry, PhD, Tara Zaugg, AuD, Paula Myers, PhD, and Caroline Kendall, PhD.

The self-help workbook is for patients or anyone who is bothered by tinnitus. It accompanies the two Progressive Tinnitus Management books–the Counseling Guide and Clinical Handbook for Audiologists. This third edition of the workbook, which has been extensively revised and expanded to include new sections describing key components of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, includes a DVD and CD.

The DVD contains four interactive videos, all of which are captioned. The first two videos show the education that is provided to patients during the first and second sessions of PTM Level 3 Group Education (this video is different from the one for the PTM clinical handbook—the workbook version is designed for individual viewing at home while the handbook version is designed for group viewing in the clinical setting).

The third and fourth videos on the DVD provide demonstrations of two relaxation techniques—deep breathing and imagery. These relaxation videos can be used to supplement the Level 3 Group Education. The 76-minute audio CD contains a tutorial of how sound can be used to manage tinnitus, followed by samples of different sounds. Clinicians can use the CD to supplement the PTM counseling.

[Source: Plural Publishing]