June 18, 2008

Sennheiser reports it has worked jointly with Oticon toward offering an assistive listening solution which both companies are targeting to strain issues that can arise from television viewing by individuals who have a hearing loss.

A primary benefit of the joint effort is to allow hearing aid users to follow programming with clarity and freedom, and without disturbing others in a room.

Sennheiser’s Set 820-S wireless assistive listening device, when used in combination with Oticon’s Bluetooth-enabled Epoq aids and Streamer, is designed to allow users to hear a television directly through a hearing aid. The Set 820-S is enhanced with Radio Frequency (RF) technology, that is intended to allow individuals to listen at an appropriate volume while roaming throughout a house or yard.

To realize the benefits of improved sound, the wearer plugs the Sennheiser Set 820-S into the Streamer, which is a companion device that allows hearing-impaired listeners to hear audio from Bluetooth-compatible devices like mobile phones and MP3 players directly through their Epoq hearing instruments. The Set 820-S is engineered to eliminate delays that may occur with Bluetooth audio signals, allowing the user to experience high-quality audio correctly synchronized with images.

“Our goal is to get the dispensers more comfortable with the idea of streamer, connectivity and wireless solutions,” says Kathy Costa, Epoq product manager. “Oticon as a company realized that improving TV use is critical for the patient and a unique feature for the Epoq instrument family.”

“Not only does the Sennheiser Set 820-S improve the quality of sound for those experiencing hearing loss, but its RF wireless transmission technology also provides an unparalleled level of freedom,” says Glen Brown, Sennheiser’s national sales manager, audiology. “Sound will travel through walls up to 100 feet from the television, providing the wearer with greater convenience, comfort and enjoyment of their favorite programs.”

The Sennheiser Set 820-S was demonstrated live on the show floor with the Oticon Epoq and Streamer at the American Academy of Audiology (AAA) AudiologyNOW! conference earlier this year.

According to a statement from Sennheiser, dispensers may purchase the company’s products via any major distributor.

Source: Sennheiser