Market acceptance of thin-tube devices, and their ability to provide patients with a cosmetically appealing same-session fitting that is free from the occlusion effect (OE) has been tremendous. For those with a moderate or severe hearing loss, the SeboTek PAC is the only thin-tube option available—making it an essential offering for today’s hearing care professionals.

The SeboTek PAC offers a unique coupling system that can fit nearly any loss—up to 90 dB without occlusion effect or feedback. Clinically proven to eliminate occlusion effect (Figure 1), the SeboTek PAC uses the most effective method of doing so—a minimal-contact acoustic seal (Figure 2). This acoustic seal also overcomes the many challenges and limitations that occur with open canals, including feedback, group processing delays, ambient noise interference, and decreased directional microphone performance.

Microphone/speaker separation—far greater in distance than with other hearing aids— is also a key component. The PAC’s patented design, with its unique coupling system and Ultra Soft Tip, is able to accommodate jaw motion, which could create a slit leak in other hearing aids, another possible cause for feedback.

Sound is delivered through a durable wire link that connects the sound processor to the speaker. This patented design feature places the amplified signal directly in front of the eardrum, eliminating the distortion caused by passing sound through a narrow tube. PAC’s speaker placement in the canal creates a smaller residual ear canal volume; therefore, less amplifier gain is required, which also reduces distortion and increases headroom. No other thin-tube option can provide all of these benefits, including serving patients with moderate or severe hearing loss (Figure 3).

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