Interacoustics, Eden Prairie, Minn, introduces the VF405 FireWire Video Frenzel, which fosters ideal conditions for observation of eye movements. It is a balance product for measuring on people such as those suffering from dizziness that might be caused by illness in the inner ear.

The system offers video-enhanced eye movement observations with:

  • Clear, contrast-rich eye images due to high-quality, digital FireWire cameras
  • The same database as complementary Interacoustics diagnostic instruments
  • PC-connectivity allowing clinicians to view eye images on the PC screen, save recordings on the HDD, write reports directly from the VF405 software, and export sessions for external evaluation
  • Advanced video playback function with variable speeds down to one frame at a time
  • Completely light-tight goggle with IR cameras ensuring fixation-free examinations for valid test results

The VF405 is a modular system and may be expanded into VN415 video nystagmography or even VO425 video oculography, as business allows it.

The extended version of the system includes an external video camera to record sound and video images of the examination procedures fully synchronized with the eye-image video.

[Source: Interacoustics]