AuDNet Hearing Group (AHG) and Earways Medical announced their cooperation in working together to market the EarWay Pro cerumen removal and management technologies to the US healthcare market.

Earways Medical is an innovator of ear-care solutions that was founded in 2014, and has developed and patented a cerumen extraction technology. EarWay Pro is designed with a flexible, helical open-profile tip for “easy navigation in the ear canal.” The product does not require direct or close visualization. This single patient, single-use device is rotated inward into the ear, collecting the cerumen and extracting it from the ear canal as a single cluster. This clinically tested device ensures that cerumen is not pushed back into the ear canal during extraction.

The product is ideally suited to treating patients with impacted ear wax or excessive wax buildup, an increasing likelihood as patients practice months of stay-at-home behavior in response to the current pandemic, the companies say.

“We are excited to assist Earways Medical in introducing their innovative cerumen extraction technology to the US healthcare market,” said Dave Smriga, VP of Corporate Communications for AHG. “Our own clinical trials have confirmed that this is a very efficient and easy-to-use product, maximizing cerumen removal success with a minimum amount of chair time. At a time when disinfection and distancing practices are now dominating clinical behavior, having a single-use tool that allows the clinician to effectively and quickly remove earwax from a safer distance is an important step forward.”

In commenting on the new partnership with AHG, Earways Medical CEO, Yael Karlin said, “We’re excited to work with AHG on introducing our innovative cerumen management products to health care professionals in the US. Earway’s products improve the pathway to audiology by enabling quick, effective, and safe earwax removal resulting in on-the-spot fitting of hearing aids, decreased patient dropout, and improved patient care.”

EarWay Pro is now available at discount pricing to AHG members.

For more information on the EarWay Pro product and its use in a COVID environment, please visit the AUDNET Hearing Group website at:

Source: AuDNet Hearing Group, Earways Medical

Images: AuDNet Hearing Group, Earways Medical