Avada Audiology and Hearing Care Centers, Louisville, Ky, operating subsidiary of Hearing Healthcare Management, Inc, recently held meetings with its regional directors and Avada members centered around the familiarization and standardization of processes in patient care protocols from initial contact with a prospective patient throughout their time as an Avada patient, says the company.

The sessions were led in part by Steve W. Barlow, CEO, who said in a statement released by the company that these improved processes will lead to a solid business foundation, enhanced patient care, and satisfaction with the products and services the company provides locally and nationwide.

Detailed discussions on the implementation of these Best Practices took place throughout the 3-day meeting in July.

Barlow said further that, in this day and age, keeping an eye on, and analyzing, every business project and expense is a must to remain an ongoing entity. The company and regional directors are fully committed to operating a profitable company both short- and long-term, he added, noting that Avada Hearing Care Centers have posted a number of consecutive profitable years and are on pace to post yet another profitable year.

Regional directors are scheduled to meet again in late October in Raleigh, NC, the company says. All Avada members are invited to participate and to network with colleagues. These meetings have proven to provide one of the best educational forums in the industry for business development and bottom-line profitability, Barlow said in the statement.

Avada operates more than 280 hearing care centers nationwide. 

[Source: Avada]