Dual, a new high tech hearing device by hearing solutions manufacturer Oticon, Somerset, NJ, offers a synergy of high performance technology and aesthetic appeal, providing those with hearing loss a full inventory of high-end audiological features in a stylish and discreet micro BTE.

It is offered in a range of choices, all based on the advanced ultra-fast RISE platform that delivers more bandwidth, higher levels of processing power, and wireless connectivity.

The design sparks interest, helping to shift focus away from hearing problems to discussion of hearing solutions, while also providing the performance and range of features needed by more experienced users.

The extended 10 kHz bandwidth and binaurally co-ordinated compression between instruments delivers high-quality sound. Using binaural processing, binaural synchronization, and binaural coordination, the device provides the acoustic cues needed to distinguish subtle differences in sound intensities and the direction of sound origins. The resulting spatial awareness helps users to prioritize and zoom in on a particular signal of interest—even when competing sounds are louder than the signal.

Linking two Dual instruments into one binaural system enables the hearing device to surpass bilateral fittings that can make only ear-based decisions. Wireless communication between Dual instruments preserves the natural acoustic cues the brain needs for optimal spatial awareness and a closer-to-natural sound picture.

It virtually eliminates feedback with an improved dynamic feedback cancellations system, and the new AutoPhone feature lets the device automatically switch to dedicated phone programs.  

The optional Streamer device lets users wirelessly connect the hearing device to the TV, home phone, or cell phone with  the touch of a button. The signal is instantly transmitted to both ears, and for those who want more control, the Streamer functions as a remote control to adjust volume, switch to phonecoil, or select up to four listening programs. 

Dual is housed in a single-shell construction with no hinges, with a nano-coating that resists moisture and corrosion.

The product line is offered in two series and six price points—and will be available exclusively through hearing care professionals beginning in November.